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Hello :)

I'm a nerd who makes tech-related videos on YouTube, and programs on mobile apps and websites. Check out some of my projects below!


MineMojo is a cross-platform crypto mining program with instant payments to PayPal and Coinbase. There's also an offer wall where you can earn extra cash! Learn more at

Tweakly TV

A website that allows content creators to earn extra revenue by asking their viewers to donate cryptocurrency generated by a small amount of their CPU power while they watch. Check it out at Tweakly.TV

yeah, i like cryptocurrency too much in case you hadn't noticed

On the Tweakly YouTube Channel I upload tech-related videos fairly regularly - although as I'm writing this it's been about 10 months since the last upload, but I'm going to try and do it more often.

I also have a personal channel where I make comedy/reaction/meme videos, but these have nothing to do with tech so it may not be your thing. I do some other stuff on my personal social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram) so maybe check those out too

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This started as a semi-professional tech related server but it's mainly just for memes and fun nowadays.
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ok thats it have a nice day my dudes