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Tweakly offers 2 kinds of online mail


Tweakly FreeMail

A temporary disposable inbox powered by

Tweakly FreeMail allows you to create a random free email address where you can send and receive emails without worrying about getting your real email leaked. For example you could use your Tweakly FreeMail address when signing up to a website you don't trust. Follow the steps below to create a Tweakly FreeMail address.

First, click here to go to Settings.

Then click the switch next to Custom Domain.

In the "Your Domain Name" box enter

If you need a shorter address enter or

Click the New Email button and start using Tweakly FreeMail!


Tweakly MailSource

A permanent email address powered by Zoho

Tweakly MailSource is no longer available. If you have an existing account you can still use the login button below, but we recommend you switch email addresses and setup an email forward to a different address.